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  • How To Put 4 Pack Rings On Your Cans

    Hi, I'm Dean. I'm going to show you how to put beverage cans into your 4 can holder.

    Make sure you get under there good. See if we start way back here, bring it all the way around, pull your fingers and use the little finger holes get a little stretch. And once you have a part up it'll pop right into there.

    Next can just kind of loop it under the edge there. Bring the other edge around and use your finger holes to get to stretch.

    There you go. 

    I find easiest to work from the outside edges around towards the middle. So bring it in use two finger holes gives you a stretch. Last one, this was kind of an awkward one but still easy enough to get. Make sure that edges under, work around the outside edge here. Give it a little stretch and use of the finger holes. Stretch it down. 

    Bing bang boom. There you have it. Four cans easily installed.